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How to Avoid a Shutdown

We appreciate how hard residents of the 14th District have worked to keep Illinois in a recovery phase and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We have been in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan for almost a month. Recently, the State of Illinois released new guidelines for how parts of the state might move backward in the Restore Illinois plan if COVID-19 cases grow locally.

The new modifications change the original reopening plans in a few ways. You can read the revisions here.

  1. Illinois is now broken into 11 smaller regions, which splits suburban Cook County into Region 10, separate from the City Chicago and other collar counties.

2. A region can move backward if it has:

  • Thee consecutive days with an average 8% positivity rate or greater

  • A sustained increase in a 7-day rolling average positivity rate AND a sustained 7-day increase in hospital admissions for COVID-19 or ICU capacity under 20%

These regressions could prompt reductions in indoor restaurant & bar dining, reducing elective procedures, limited hospital visitations, limits on meetings and religious gatherings, remote work, limited capacity for stores and gyms, and temporary shutdowns of salons and spas.

Please continue to do your part to limit your movement, wear a mask, and stay six feet apart.

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