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Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance

At the January 2021 Board of Commissioners meeting, the Cook County Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (RTLO) passed unanimously. This legislation extends protections to the more than 245,000 renter households in suburban Cook County. 

The RTLO is appropriate, balanced, and fair. It clearly outlines landlord rights and renter responsibilities, including protecting landlords against abandoned or destroyed property, allowing landlords a right-to-cure various administrative and structural issues, and creating a course of action to enforce evictions. The RTLO also allows renters to pay down unpaid rent rather than be evicted, caps runaway and nontransparent fees, provides common-sense pathways to ensure timely repairs, ends leases that don't allow renters to defend themselves, and mandates the return of security deposits. 

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Ten Shared Principles

In October 2020, Commissioner Britton led an effort for the Forest Preserves District of Cook County,and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office to publically support the Illinois NAACP State Conference and the Illinois Association Of Chiefs of Police Ten Shared Principles. In doing so, Cook County affirmed their support and endorsement of the ideologies outlined in the Ten Shared Principles and that further police reform and training is needed to address the disparities of police conduct in communities of color. 

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The Voter Opportunity and Translation Equity (VOTE) Ordinance

The VOTE Ordinance expands expand access to fully translated ballots and voting materials for suburban Cook County residents with limited-English-proficiency, empowering more than 215,000 suburban Cook County residents to more actively and confidently participate in the democracy that serves them. 


Starting in 2020, the VOTE Ordinance offered language support for the first time for as many as 10 languages, including Russian, Korean, Polish, Ukranian, Gujarati, Tagalog, Arabic, and Urdu - adding to the English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindu translation support already available. 

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Amendment to Alcoholic Liquor License Hours of Business 

In July 2019, Commissioner Britton amended the Cook County Liquor Control Act permissible liquor hours to support and level the playing field for small businesses in unincorporated Cook County. This Ordinance allowed for the sale of alcoholic liquor to mirror Saturday permissible hours starting at 7 AM. Prior to this legislation for six days of the week, businesses in unincorporated Cook County may sell and serve alcohol at 7 AM, except on Sundays when the County suspended revenue opportunities for five hours and only allowed sales at noon. 

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Tobacco 21

In January 2019, Commissioner Britton passed a County Ordinance to raise the minimum age of the sale for tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 21 years old. The Ordinance amended the current tobacco sales law and prohibited the sale and distribution of tobacco products to those under the age of 21. Further, the Ordinance updated the definition of tobacco products to include all forms of consumables derived from tobacco, ranging from leaf to liquid and combustible to aerosolized.  

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Commissioner Britton sits on 16 Board of Commissioners Committees, including as Chairman of Rules and Administration Committee, Vice Chairman of the Zoning and Building Committee, and Vice Chairman of the Legislation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.


Commissioner Britton also sits on 11 Forest Preserves of Cook County Committees, including as Vice Chairman of the Botanic Garden Committee, Vice Chairman of the Legislation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee, and Vice Chairman of the Worker's Compensation Committee.

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