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Minimum Wage Increase for Cook County Workers

Effective July 1, 2021, the Minimum Wage Ordinance increases the non-tipped workers' wage to $13.35 and increases the tipped workers' wage to $7.40.

These changes apply to hourly, salaried, and tipped employees, over the age of 18, working in Cook County, even those who may be working within the County to make deliveries or driving within the County limits.

In municipalities that have passed their own minimum wage, the municipality's minimum wage applies to employers located within or doing business in the municipality. If the municipality has not enacted its own minimum wage, the County’s Minimum Wage Ordinance applies.

Every year on July 1, the Commission on Human Rights may adjust the minimum wage based on the greatest rate among the Federal minimum wage, Illinois State minimum wage, or on the County’s calculation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Pursuant to the Minimum Wage Ordinance, the Cook County minimum wage calculation may not be used when the unemployment rate in Cook County is 8.5% or greater. In the event that the Cook County unemployment rate exceeds 8.5%, the minimum wage is set to the greatest of the Federal, Illinois State, or Cook County minimum wage.

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