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Linneman Street Project Ribbon Cutting

As of October 18, students, teachers, and neighbors of Henking Elementary School can walk a bit more confidently along Linneman Street and Huber Lane.

Thanks to funding from the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways and in partnership with the Northfield Township Road District, the new construction boasts widened and updated sidewalks complete with ADA tactile warning tile. These tiles can be felt through most types of shoes making the crossing more accessible.

In addition to sidewalk upgrades, new drainage system enhancements are also planned as part of the project. These additions will aid in water flow relief adjacent to homeowners and the Henking School drop-off areas.

This project increases safety and accessibility, two things of paramount importance to Commissioner Britton. This shining example of good government is exactly the type of partnership Commissioner Britton strives to achieve to bring solutions to the residents of the 14th District.


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