Justice for Black Lives Resolution

At the July 30 meeting of the Board of Commissioners, the Justice for Black Lives Resolution was passed. Below are Commissioner Britton's remarks before a vote was taken.

"Thank you Madam President. When this resolution was initially presented by Commissioner Johnson, I did not speak at length on its message and purpose other than to add my name as a cosponsor. I did this intentionally as I felt it was best for me to listen to my colleagues and those who suffered the effects of systemic racism and structural discrimination during the process of considering the resolution itself. I particularly felt this was important as, though I can certainly try to empathize with the experiences so many have described, it is still not enough to hear the stories in the academic sense but rather we must try to truly comprehend them as they’ve been experienced by so many in this country. My colleagues and my constituents have described to me the burdens of racism, police misconduct and discriminatory behavior in a way that someone who’s never had to experience such things can never truly understand. I was particularly struck by the comments made on a number of occasions by President Preckwinkle who experienced truly virulent racism in her life growing up in Minnesota. I’ve also had many people share with me the continued racist applic