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Justice Advisory Council Grants

The Cook County Board of Commissioners approved two board items aimed at preserving public safety, reducing recidivism, and promoting fair and equitable access to justice.

Item 21-2785 provides $1,000,000 in funding from the Justice Advisory Council to the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership to deliver a comprehensive re-entry job training and placement effort through FY2022. These awards represent the required project match of $1,000,000 toward the U.S. Department of Justice direct grant of $1,000,000 toward the effort.

The second item, number 21-2786, is a $100,000 grant from the Justice Advisory Council to Northwestern University to provide legal services to youth through Northwestern University’s Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC). CFJC attorneys will work with social workers to prepare clients for and assist them with risk assessments, navigation of barriers to securing employment, and connection with education and housing options that exist as a result of being adjudicated delinquent.


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