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Invest in Cook Awards 2022

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

BUFFALO GROVE: The Village of Buffalo Grove has been awarded construction funds to assist with the Arlington Heights Road School Crossing project. The planned improvement will relocate a pedestrian crossing across Arlington Heights Road north of Dundee Road to improve visibility and pedestrian safety. The crossing will be moved about 400 feet to a better midblock location with a new median refuge island, and will serve Cooper Middle School students, students and staff of Buffalo Grove High School, and residents by connecting to off-street bike paths, parks, and local businesses.

GLENVIEW: The Village of Glenview has been awarded preliminary engineering funds to assist with improvements to Pfingsten Road at both East Lake Avenue and the adjacent West Lake Avenue intersections. Due to complex intersections and proximity to Glenbrook South High School, there is often significant congestion and the potential for traffic safety impacts. Traffic signal replacement with re-timing and improved turn lanes are proposed at both locations. The project will improve access to the high school and enhance pedestrian/bicyclist safety.

NORTHBROOK: The Village of Northbrook has been awarded design engineering funds for the Shermer Road side path for the addition of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. This project will make bicycle and pedestrian travel safer for residents traveling to downtown Northbrook, the Northbrook Metra Station, and Glenbrook North High School, as well as link to the Skokie Valley Trail to facilitate regional travel.

NORTHFIELD: The Northfield Township Road District has been awarded design engineering funds to install a sidewalk on Sanders Road from Oak Avenue to Mission Hills Road, a road with no pedestrian accommodations. This project will introduce a safe pedestrian connection to important community destinations and encourage active transportation by residents.

PALATINE: The Village of Palatine has been awarded funds for right-of-way acquisition needed for work on Palatine Road, a key route through the Village of Palatine. Currently, the existing roadway is primarily a 2-lane section. This project will make the existing bidirectional turn lane continuous and build a multi-use shared path from Quentin Road to North Smith Street. These updates will provide full pedestrian/bicycle connectivity from Quentin Road to Downtown Palatine.

PROSPECT HEIGHTS: The City of Prospect Heights has been awarded design engineering funds for the Camp McDonald Road Sidewalk project. Sidewalks were not installed when Prospect Heights was first developed as an incorporated area and each year the City adds new sidewalks to its growing network. The addition of this sidewalk will connect to River Trails Park facilities, bike paths, and the Wolf Road Metra Station while greatly enhancing pedestrian and bicycle safety. Sidewalk installation is a vital program and a high priority of Prospect Heights residents, as reflected in the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

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