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Animal Zoning Changes

Recent changes to the Zoning Ordinance's subsection related to animals had residents crowing! But after meeting with advocates to discuss the possible repercussions of such legislation, a consensus was reach and the ordinance amendment passed the full board at the end of June.

Changes made to the animal subsection (8.7.7) apply to unincorporated Cook County, specifically to zoning lots of less than one acre. Residents living on less than an acre are still allowed to keep chickens, but the total number allowed was reduced from 12 to 5. The keeping of roosters is prohibited.

These edits to the Zoning Ordinance were in response to changes in Cook County's general landscape. Over the decades, Cook County's footprint has shifted from it's urban roots as municipalities continue to build and expand. Changes to existing ordinances, such as this one, work to better reflect a changing and growing county.

Section 8.7.7 does not apply to everyone, however. Veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, kennels or animal shelters are exempt due to the nature of their business. Farms were also added to the category of groups that are exempt from this section of Cook County code.

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