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A Year in Review: Community Investment

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Beyond the immediate health care challenges of the pandemic, Commissioner Britton championed economic and social recovery for residents.

Last year, Cook County sent more than $4 million in CARES funding to the dozens of municipalities, Townships, Libraries, Park Districts, and Fire Protection Districts in District 14. This year, we provided financial support to eight food pantries in District 14 that provided 131,000 pounds of food to 5,200 households. We also provided more than $3.1 million in Emergency Mortgage and Rental Assistance and more than $300,000 Direct Cash Assistance to hundreds of our District 14 neighbors.

To listen and learn more about this challenging economic landscape and the needs of small businesses in District 14, Commissioner Britton toured retailers, performance venues, shops, groceries, and restaurants in Palatine, Glenview, and Arlington Heights. Our Office partnered with the Northbrook and Wheeling Chambers of Commerce to connect virtually with business owners, answer their questions, and share new resources to support them.

This year, the County provided almost $2.5 million in direct grants, advising services, and technical assistance to nearly 300 small businesses and independent contractors in District 14. Commissioner Britton also co-sponsored five property tax incentives that created nearly 200 jobs in the 14th District.

(Click through the slide show to see Commissioner Britton meeting with small businesses owners, volunteering at the food pantry, and hosting information zooms with residents of the 14th District.)


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