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Meet Amy Oberholtzer - 14th District Unsung Heroine

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Amy Oberholtzer has lived in Northbrook for over 30 years where she and her husband, Will, have raised their two children.

Passionate about education, Oberholtzer enjoyed her time most as a preschool teacher at Little Ones Nursery School and assistant teaching at Northbrook’s Westmoor Elementary. When her daughter began her courageous battle against anxiety and depression, Oberholtzer was called to action, founding Community Action Together for Children’s Health (CATCH), a group that provides support and education programs for elementary, junior high, and high school students and thier families who are also grappling with mental health challenges.

CATCH provides direct support for parents and caregivers through their Parent Support Network, offering access to personalized resources as well as opportunities for parents to connect in small, confidential groups.

Recognizing that connection is a key factor in psychological well-being, and is even shown to fend off depression and anxiety, CATCH has partnered with the Village of Northbrook to deliver reminders to residents of the importance of reaching out to one another. The "Northbrook Care, Community Together" message has been placed on banners throughout the Village, encouraging locals to get outside and to safely maintain contact with one another, especially as we continue to weather the pandemic.

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