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House of History: Village of Wheeling


Wheeling was incorporated in 1894, as a stop for Chicago travelers who were heading to the Wisconsin territory. The string of inns, taverns, and eateries established in the 1830s was the start of what is now Wheeling’s renowned Restaurant Row. Wheeling wasn’t only a travel stop, it was also a town with rich and fertile soil, which farmers took advantage of. Wheeling also witnessed renowned landscaping nurseries being established in the town. 

Wheeling’s History in Cook County

Established around 23 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop area. Wheeling’s location along the DesPlains River and its numerous taverns and restaurants resulted in Chicagoans flocking to the town of Wheeling on the weekends in the late 1800s. After years of development, Wheeling became a “center for industry and commerce” in the 1960s. The manufacturing plants in Wheeling brought rail transportation for the “shipping of freight” from and to the town. The manufacturers were then followed by the development of residential areas and commercial developments, resulting in modern-day Wheeling. 

-- By Joshua Beauchamp

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