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Constituent Services Success Story: Department of Transportation & Highways Improves Safety of Sidewalk

Updated: Apr 17

A resident of Arlington Heights alerted Commissioner Scott Britton of a safety concern

at the southeast corner of Hintz Road and Arlington Heights Road. Both of these roads are maintained by the Cook County Department of Transportation & Highways (DOTH). 


The four-foot drop to the ditch along the sidewalk created a concern for walkers, cyclists, and those pushing strollers. For readers interested in the nexus of stormwater management and active transportation infrastructure, here are the details.


The engineering specialists of DOTH identified this location as a bit of an anomaly where it is necessary to maintain flow to a drainage structure behind the walk where the drop is located. The existing configuration at this corner was unique, and it is believed that  sidewalks were an addition after the surrounding land elevations were established. 


This spring, the DoTH maintenance team successfully implemented a creative approach to raise the drainage structure and installing new pipes to create a more comfortable slope behind the sidewalk for its users. Future adjustments to the structure will be made as needed. (second photo) 


Thank you to the hardworking maintenance and engineering staff of DOTH. 

Thank you to the resident who alerted Commissioner Britton of his concern. 

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