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House of History: Village of Buffalo Grove

The town of Buffalo Grove in Illinois was settled by New Englanders in the 1840s. With farms getting set up in the area, the farmers in Buffalo Grove ended up transporting their produce and harvest for more than 30 miles to the City of Chicago and its vast markets. After being incorporated in 1958, the town grew from 164 residents to more than 1,492 within a stunning two year timeframe. Developers such as William Levitt entered the local markets and saw large subdivisions being built, contributing to the escalation in population. Today the population of Buffalo Grove is around 42,794 residents and counting. 

Buffalo Grove, like so many other suburban towns has great transportation options, close proximity to the city of Chicago and all of its tourist attractions and a healthy community base. Today, Buffalo Grove has a growing Jewish community, including six synagogues. As of the 2000s, Jewish residents accounted for nearly 30 percent of the town's residents.

-- By Joshua Beauchamp

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