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HOME Investment Partnerships Program

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

During February's board meeting, two item were passed related to the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. These grants give localities and communities the ability fund a wide range of affordable housing for rent or homeownership, most often achieved in partnership with local nonprofit groups.

Item 19-1366 loans $650,000 toward constructing a sixteen unit, fully HOME-assisted, fully accessible development that is targeted to individuals and families with developmental and physical disabilities under the Permanent Supportive Housing model of operation.A second item, number 19-1367, loans $1,600,000 toward the construction of a 72-unit, fully HOME-assisted, affordable housing development targeting families.

Cook County's Affordable Housing Programs rely on HOME funds, as well as CDBG and ESG grants. Additionally, the Housing Authority of Cook County uses HOME funds to provide adequate and afforable housing. This are a quasi-governmental agency maintians numerous buildings in suburban Cook County, as well as partners with over 7,000 private property owners in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. HOME funds play a crucial role in providing, and maintaing, quality affordable housing throughout Cook County.

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