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Get My Payment Illinois

Did you know that anyone owed money from the government has up to three years to file their return?

Cook County is partnering with Get My Payment Illinois to make sure that eligible residents and community organizations in suburban Cook County know about and can access federal stimulus checks, tax refunds, and other financial supports owed to them.

Even if individuals are not required to file taxes, they still may be eligible for a refund if they file a return. In fact, 74% of all people get a refund when they file their taxes, and each year too many income-eligible Cook County residents miss out on their refund by not filing a return. This year, it is extra important to file taxes because the federal government has provided new benefits, like stimulus checks and expanded tax credits, to help Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic. Some low- and no-income residents may be eligible for up to $30,000 in stimulus checks and tax credits, but they must file a tax return to access these benefits.

For more information about eligibility, or for help filing your taxes, go to or call the Get My Payment Illinois Hotline at 1-888-553-9777.


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