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Discovering the District: Partners for Our Communities

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

In 1992, Palatine leaders created a group called Vision in Progress. Its goal was to assess community needs in response to the increase of immigrant and low-income families entering Northeast Palatine. A mere two years later, Vision in Progress established the Palatine Opportunity Center. Fast forward to 2014, and the Palatine Opportunity Center changed its name to Partners for Our Communities to increase service area and funding opportunities.

Partners for Our Communities does it all - from counseling and social services, to education services, to health and wellness programs, to youth programs, community wellness is approached holistically. POC programming aims to empower underserved people to develop self-sufficiency and become leaders in their communities. POC leverages numerous partnerships with other community organizations to connect families with local resources, and remove barriers to access.

Most recently, Partners for Our Communities has led a coordinate care response for the recently arrived Venezulean asylum seekers. POC is also a Building Healty Communities grant recipient, and will use grant dollars to address food insecurity in the community.

Check out some photos below of Commissioner Britton and President Preckwinkle's visit to POC's summer camp!

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