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Cook County commits to Clean Energy Plan

Cook County Government is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is focused on efforts to mitigate its impact on climate change.

The Clean Energy Plan, introduced in July 2020, outlines climate goals for Cook County's municipal building and operations goals:

  • 45% carbon emission reduction by 2030 from a 2010 baseline

  • 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2030

  • Carbon neutral by 2050.

In order to meet these ambitious benchmarks outlined in the Clean Energy Plan, a portion of Cook County's electricity supply must be provided by a renewable energy source such as solar or wind.

Beginning in FY 2023, Cook County will purchase a portion of its renewable energy through a contract with Ameresco approved by the Board on September 24, 2020. This transaction will use an off-site Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a common financial tool for large-scale renewable energy purchases.

As part of the renewable electricity supply purchase, developers will be asked to consider and identify some or all the following co-benefits:

  • Proximity to Cook County

  • Number of short-term and long-term local jobs

  • Revenue to Cook County businesses and supply chain

  • MBE/WBE participation

  • Diversity within development and retail supply companies

  • Dollar value of community benefit

  • Creation of pollinator habitat or native plantings

Bids for renewable energy suppliers begin in December. Upon identifying

potential renewable energy suppliers, the County will work closely with the CFO’s office to analyze each supplier to properly address any utility budget impacts before selecting a supplier. A supplier is expected to be selected in February.


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