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What to do when you're at home?

Updated: May 4, 2020

With local, state, and national officials encouraging Americans to stay home and schools across the state closed, we wanted to offer some resources to Cook County residents on things to do at home:


Parents magazine offers tips for creative and imaginative play here. The School Library Journal also pulled together a list of children's authors and illustrators who are developing daily content for your family. Locally, Kohl Children's Museum has activities you can do at home. Additionally, here are some activities your family might consider:

Arts & Culture

For older kids or adults, there are a range of arts and culture experiences you can take in:

Athletics & Outdoors

Finally, it's important to stay healthy and active even while at home. Here are some opportunities for you to break a sweat:

  • Planet Fitness is offering free online classes via Facebook Live, these are available for members and non-members

  • There are great home yoga practices, including Yoga with Adriene, who offers monthly playlists for daily practice.

  • Mental health is also important! There are many great free meditation and mindfulness apps, including Smiling Mind.

  • Local studios, including Total Sona Fitness, offer video classes that blend virtual with personalized fitness support.

  • Finally, portions of the Cook County Forest Preserve remain open for walks, runs, hikes, or bike rides outside. Please visit the Forest Preserve website for information about visiting and check your local preserve for specific closures.

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