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Omicron Details from the Cook County Department of Public Health

In light of the discovery of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, the Cook County Department of Public Health has released helpful information to educate the public about this latest strain.

While there is a fair amount of concern surrounding this variant, it can be contributed to the fact that not a lot is known about this variant at this point in time. It is known that there are more mutations associated with the Omicron variant as compared to previous strains.

The good news is that the ability to test for Omicron is immediately available as PCR tests can reveal if patients are infected with the Omicron variant.

If you are vaccinated, keep masking and physical distancing and all the practices that have been in place. If you are not vaccinated, CCDPH recommends keeping to yourself as much as possible as you are at a much higher risk of carrying and transmitting the virus. Until we have so little of the virus in our communities, the unvaccinated carry a really dangerous risk to themselves and the community.

It is also recommended that you test regularly, especially when traveling. If you are unvaccinated or plan to be with people who are unvaccinated, get a test that morning. More testing allows for a more complete picture of how widespread the virus is circulating and to keep each other safe.

If you are in need of assistance locating a vaccine appointment, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office at (847)729-9300.

Addition FAQs related to Omicron and COVID-19 can be found on the CCDPH website.


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