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Cook County looks to Vaccination Phase 1b

On Monday, January 25, Cook County will begin vaccinating individuals in COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1b.

The expansion to Phase 1b includes members of the general public for the first time – about 375,000 people aged 65 and over. The 65+ population represents a majority of people within phase 1b. Phase 1b also includes police, firefighters, and other essential workers, such as manufacturing employees and grocery store workers – a group estimated at 270,000.

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) is committed to an equitable distribution of vaccine, with an emphasis on communities that have been most dramatically impacted by COVID and traditionally underserved populations.

In order to meet the needs of Phase 1b residents and workers, CCDPH is focused on adding significantly to our capacity to distribute vaccinations. This includes standing up a total of 91 sites to date including Cook County Health centers, large capacity sites around the county, 40 Walgreens locations, other pharmacies, and area hospitals. More sites across Cook County will be opening in the coming days weeks.

CCDPH has also committed to the creation and launch of a microsite that will connect residents eligible for vaccines with locations nearest to them. The site is expected to go live no later than the end of the month.


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