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Cook County Equitable Recovery

As Cook County moves from response to recovery, equity is our driving principle. In order to achieve that, Cook County has released a plan for equitable recovery. This plan focuses on:

  • Providing support in areas where Cook County has the authority and resources to have the greatest impact.

  • Prioritizing support for Cook County's most vulnerable populations, guided by racial equity.

  • Maintaining continuity of essential public services for residents and businesses throughout Cook County.

  • Coordinating efforts with other units of government and strategically leveraging shared resources.

  • Focusing on suburban Cook County, which has more limited resources.

Over the next two years, Cook County is committing to recovery efforts that help communities stay healthy, safe, sustainable, smart, and open.

  • Healthy Communities -- testing and tracing, improving workplace safety

  • Vital Communities -- housing support for homeowners, renters, and the Housing Authority of Cook County, and longer-term small business supports for owners and employees

  • Safe and Thriving Communities --COVID-19 transmission and treatment management until a widely available vaccine can be distributed, post-detention supports for those leaving Cook County jail

  • Sustainable Communities -- offer safe access to nature, prioritizing environmental justice to limit effects that can exacerbate COVID-19

  • Smart Communities -- enhance safety on regional transportation, improved broadband access, and prioritizing digital equity

  • Open Communities -- improve the County's virtual services, surveying residents and municipalities, and offering increased language access


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