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Journal&Topics Media: Proclamation Officially Passed At Board Meeting On Oct. 26

By Community New Desk | on November 15, 2023

The Glenview Park District announced its official proclamation to unite against hate in partnership with Cook County. This significant declaration was approved unanimously at the park board meeting held Thursday, Oct. 26.

The Glenview Park District firmly believes in the importance of solidarity with Cook County to foster a more equitable, welcoming, and connected community for all. This proclamation is a testament to the district’s dedication to creating a safe and inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs are respected, valued, and protected.

“I applaud the Glenview Park District for leading by example against racism, bigotry, and discrimination in our community,” said Cook County Commissioner Scott Britton (D-14th). “At a time when hate crimes are on the rise, we must be proactive in fortifying against it by making this public declaration, educating each other on our great diversity, and intercepting hate and its ugly forms. With this resolution, we continue to affirm that hate has no home in Cook County.”

“The Glenview Park District is proud to join Cook County and many other units of local governments, businesses, and community organizations to unite against hate in all its forms,” said Michael McCarty, park district executive director. “We firmly believe that unity against hate is a fundamental step towards building a more inclusive community where individuals can thrive irrespective of their background.”


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