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Sprzedaż podatku od nieruchomości

Commissioner Britton is a strong believer in the value of mental health, and partnered with Family Service Center to provide mental health resources that can be used year-round. Join Family Service Center's Executive Director Dr. Renee Dominguez and LCSW Robin Lake as they explore the meaning of therapy, its benefits, and impart practical techniques you can use. 

Practical Strategies to Support Your Mental Health: These segments will offer practical strategies that you can use right away to support mental health and wellness. 

Understanding our stress response system helps us to respond to perceived threats and offers insight about effective ways to calm our nervous system. Learn more:

Validation is a powerful communication technique that helps us respond effectively to complaints, big feelings and difficult emotions.  If you are seeking a calm, connected relationship with people who matter to you, validation is your best friend. Learn more:

Do you find yourself haveing unhelpful thoughts, catastrophizing situations you're experiencing? Learn more about how to push back against unhelpful thinking:

Mindfulness Practices to Support Your Mental Health

Mindfulness practices and principles are the foundation of many mental wellness habits and mental health treatments.  The goal is to live mindfully—to befriend our own mind, to be able to experience our lives, choose our responses and support our well-being.  These videos offer information about mindfulness and some guided practices for you to use. 

Enjoy an introduction to mindfulness and a brief guided sitting practice.

What exactly is mindful self-compassion? Robin teaches us the importance of being kind to ourselves, followed by a guided mindfulness session.

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