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House of History: Village of Glenview


The Village of Glenview was originally referred to as South Northfield and just like many other towns in the area, there was a railway laid in 1872 by the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad, with the local station named Glenview. Then, in the year of 1895, the Village officially adopted the name of Glenview and, in the year 1899, was incorporated with a population of 325 adult residents. With the establishment of those early rail lines, inns, and roadhouses were established to serve the many commuters and Village residents. Today, the Village of Glenview finds itself as a thriving northwestern suburb of Chicago, with strong transportation, public centers, and a thriving community. 

Glenview's history in Cook County

The Village of Glenview’s history in Cook County is one that is dynamic and representative of many other towns in the area. The Village of Glenview is in the County of Cook, sitting just 16 miles northwest of the downtown Loop area. This bustling suburban community has access to busy intersections, corporate complexes and shopping centers. The heart of the Village are the residents, who live in subdivisions called Swainwood, Bonnie Glen, Sunset Ridge, Willows, and Sleepy Hollow. The earliest residents of what is modern-day Glenview Village were the Winnebago tribes, as mound builders and the first known Native tribe to inhabit early Illinois. Today, with a commitment to protect those same lands, the Village of Glenview finds itself bordered by 1,131 acres of Cook County Forest Preserve on its east and west.

-- By Joshua Beauchamp


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