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Harms Woods submitted for dedication as Illinois Nature Preserve

Harms Woods, located in the Village of Glenview, is the latest Forest Preserve District forest preserve to be submitted for Illinois Nature Preserve (INP) dedication. This designation as a Nature Preserve is granted only to natural areas of exceptional ecological or cultural significance, and means that any future land uses are restricted to preserve the natural state of the parcel and perpetuate the natural conditions.

Harms Woods is an oak woodland that boasts over 350 native species. Noted for its rich native flora, over 40 percent of these plants are found almost exclusively in health, intact ecosystems.

Bisected with the North Branch of the Chicago River, Harms Woods offers a myriad of activities - from hiking, to biking, to birding to cross-country skiing. Dogs are allowed to visit Harms Woods so long as they are on a leash. Thanks to years of dedicated restoration efforts, Harms Woods can now be enjoyed by visitors year round.

Volunteer opportunities are available as well! In order to maintain a healthy oak woodland ecosystem, the removal of invasive European bucktorn, brush and weeks is paramount. Interested in helping in the restoration process? Sign up today!


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