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Discovering the District: Deer Grove

Did you know that Deer Grove is Cook County's first forest preserve? The nearly 2,000 acres of safeguarded natural land features many diverse habitats such as rolling upland forest, wooded ravines, wetlands, and prairie.

Deer Grove East and West have undergone extensive restoration work to restore these areas to their natural glory. This restoration was achieved thanks to dedicated volunteers and professional contractors. The work included determining which trees should stay and which should be cleared, as well as getting rid of the invasive buckthorn that was choking the woods.

Thanks to restoration efforts, Deer Grove East is now home to 389 different native plant and animal species and is a great place to spot birds like sandhill cranes, Henslow sparrows, red-headed woodpeckers, and bobolinks. Other animals, like blue-spotted salamanders, chorus frogs, and spring peepers also make their home around the preserve.

Within Deer Grove, the Jens Jensen Grasslands & Woods Land & Water Reserve and the Deer Grove West Woodland & Wetland Nature Preserve are recognized by the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission as some of the highest quality natural areas in the state. This designation by the Illinois Nature Preserves means that rare plants, animals, and now uncommon ecosystems like tallgrass prairies, oak savannas, sandstone bluffs, wetlands, and bogs, will be permanently protected by state law.

Don't miss a chance to visit this incredible resource in the 14th District!

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