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Discovering the District: Camp in Cook

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

With more than 5 million residents in Cook County, you may not think of this as an area good for camping. But did you know that Cook County is home to five campsites as part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County? And even more exciting - two of those campsites are located in the 14th District!

The campsites offer options for tent, cabin, bunkhouse, or RV camping in an immersive, round-the-clock nature experience. The five campgrounds each offer a unique experience and feature accessible campsite options and amenities.

Want to camp in the 14th District?

Camp Dan Beard, located in Northbrook, features renovated rustic cabins perfect for group or family campers. The site also includes open fields for group tent camping. The camp’s shelters and picnic sites are great for events.

Camp Reinberg, located in Palatine, boasts tent sites and heated year-round cabins—plus a dining hall and outdoor gathering areas— making it the perfect location for a group event or private getaway. Set in the oak woods of historic Deer Grove, Camp Reinberg provides access to miles of trails, beautifully restored landscapes and nearly unlimited recreation opportunities.

Feeling inspired to get out in nature? Plan your Cook County camping trip today!


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