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Cook County Invests in Violence Prevention

Two Cook County criminal justice reform programs recently received grant funding. The programs are aimed at reducing the likelihood of individuals on probation returning to courtrooms or entering the criminal justice system in the first place:

1) The Office of the Chief Judge received an over $200,000 grant for the Recidivism Reduction Program (RRP). RRP is a program aimed at preventing further system involvement through intervention for people on probation from felony courtrooms. The program will work with over 400 people on probation with evidence-based strategies for supervision based on cognitive-behavioral intervention.

2) The Justice Advisory Council is partnering with Metropolitan Family Services to provide overnight and weekend street-level violence interruption and violence prevention through the Communities Partnering for Peace (CP4P) framework for areas of the County experiencing high levels of community violence. The program builds upon previous efforts by public agencies, faith-based leaders, community organizations, private foundations, and law enforcement partners to implement rapid-response violence reduction strategies involving acutely high-risk individuals and communities.



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