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Cook County gets $2.5M in MacArthur Foundation Grant

Cook County recently received $2.5 million additional grant dollars from the MacArthur Foundation for criminal justice reform, a rare issue that unifies county officials.

“MacArthur remains committed to supporting jurisdictions as they set ambitious reform goals and pursue smart solutions that safely reduce jail populations, address disparities, and eliminate ineffective, inefficient and unfair practices,” MacArthur Director of Criminal Justice Laurie Garduque said in a release.

The grant will go to several programs including:

  1. Lawyers and court personnel will determine why defendants with low bail can't post it.

  2. Peer mentors could be provided for people with repeat arrests where substance abuse or mental health is an underlying sues to make sure they stick with treatment plans and court appearances.

  3. Nonviolent defendants in drug-dealing cases could be offered help getting jobs.

  4. Look at whether a process can be set up to allow those with years-old warrants to address them at a future court date.

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