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Are you getting counted?

It's almost time for Census 2020! Every 10 years the US Census Bureau counts each person living in the United States.

The Census may not seem that important and you may not remember completing the 2010 Census, but the Census touches every community in Cook County and the United States. Every 10 years, the Census is used to update district boundaries at the federal, state, and even county level. The data that is collected via the Census is used to allocate billions of dollars in federal funds.

Every household is expected to complete the census, it doesn't matter if you're a citizen or not, as long as you live in Cook County. Census day is April 1, 2020. Residents can complete the Census by mail, by phone, or online. You can also complete the Census in languages other than English.

By law, the US Census Bureau must maintain a confidential Census. There is additional information on Census confidentiality in English and Spanish.

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